Will Maku finally UNBound from his reversed phobia?
made by Maku Santiran
uploaded by MakuSantiran
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--[[ Update 1 : Improved visual graphics, bugfixes, optimization ]]--
--[[ Update 2 : Fixed not respawning in the end part of the game ]]--
--[[ Update 3 : Added more checkpoints ]]--

Controls --[[
Keyboard :
Z to confirm or switch gravity

Left and right to select

Gamepad :
A to confirm or switch gravity

Left and right to select


Imagine you were born with a strange phobia, only to know it is a reversed one. Instead of fearing it for no reason, you'll like it for no reason, and you will have no control over yourself.

Will Maku finally UNBound to his strange phobia?

[] A TIC-80 hardcore game, that is based on experiences of Maku Santiran, creatively visualized.

[] Levels and concepts are matched to the difficulty of overcoming a reversed phobia based on Maku's experiences.

[] Simple, straightforward gameplay but difficult to master.



If there's any bugs, please tell me right away so I could fix it ( '^_^)


no words.


how to pass the stage four of the boss!

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