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A tribute to Digital Derby Auto Raceway
made by Andrew
uploaded by mannzerhacker
download cartridge


High speed racing game inspired by Digital Derby mechanical game



Really love this Racer-X! It reminds me Le Mans for Commodore 64.
I really like how you made the bends.
I also had fun modifying the parameters.


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was a LOT of fun to make. For some reason, I find TIC80 programming some of the most enjoyable - especially in LUA.


Now available on Android with gyro!
TIC80 is an amazing prototyping platform! Any chance of direct SDL export to mobile devices?


i hate this games and here's why:
the hit detection is horrible
i have no idea where i am
when something "hits" you only YOU stop nothing else just you and all you do is just stop
the turning is hard for new players to get use to but you get it eventually


Yeah, its a good game


I love this game and once I was programed that I go so fast and finished in 1st

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