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Arrow keys to move cursor
Z - Pick/Drop pawn
X - Return picked pawn to its previous position
S - Reset game

Valid movement shown by the gray indicator at the edge of each grid.
Pawns at the grid on the side of the board cannot move diagonally, only pawn in the corners and center of the board can move diagonally.
A player who can make a row with his pawns win the game.

-- Updated : Fix pressing X at first phase causing error/crash.



It crashed when I pressed x for some reason? Otherwise, this is a really neat and the code is very easily readable. Good job!


PS: Did you come up with this idea, or is it based on something you found?


Thanks for your feedback. I'll try to fixed the problem as soon as I can.
This is not my original idea, it based on my childhood "board-game" which I often played at school. But I don't know the real name of the game :(

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