Try to get not out of space by using the shredder
made by ShaggyFox
uploaded by shaggyfox
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Shredder Boy is trying to not get out of space by using the shredder

Use Arrow-Keys to Move and 'Z' for take/put objects

Keep the left (yellow) platform free, scan packets/documents using the 'computer' and put expired (red-labeled) packets/documents into the shredder. Put the resulting waste onto then garbage-platform and try to get not out of space.

Game ends when not all new documents can arrive because the left (yellow) packets/documents is out of space

* Green labeled documents/packets expire in more than 2 minutes
* Yellow labeled documents/packets expire in less than 2 minutes
* Red labeled documents/packets are expired and can be shredded
* Grey labeled documents/packets needs to be scanned to see the colored label

​Post LD42 Changes:

​This version contains the following post-LD42 fixes:

* ​​Fix reset-bug that effects second round (some values were not reset)
* Make Game-Over-Screen Readable (change color + background + delay)
* Make clean garbage-space as shown, not unpredictable
* Shredder Boy is faster when not carrying packets
* Make it easier to pick/put packets
* Fix up control issues when more than one ctrl-key was pressed



I like the concept but it's not that fun.


i like the concept too, but it's too hard

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