Tetriminoes slowly falling with the snow flakes
made by yarray
uploaded by yarray
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left/right: move the selected tetrimino, hold to move fast
down: speed up the selected tetrimino
up: rotate the selected tetrimino
enter: drop immediately and skip the landing phase
q/w: select the previous/next tetrimino
s: toggle score & time display
i: toggle indicator display mode
esc: pause/resume

Imagine a large plane, where multiple tetriminos drop slowly like snow flakes. That's the initial idea of Tetris World.

Tetris variations nowadays tend to become extremely skill-demanding. How about a relaxing tetris game? In this game, the super wide board seems a great challenge for skills at first glance. But don't worry since the snow will wash out all mistakes you made.

It is also a game for creative minds. There is only pale colors and nearly contains no music. Explore the game mechanisms, build the architecture of colors, and compose your own rhythm.

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