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a tic-80 rhythm game, an attempt to make something like osu!
made by Never
uploaded by Never
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TIC!osu - a game where you have to click circles that appear on screen in music rhythm
original idea - [ osu! | ] and [ "Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!" for NDS ]
"Touhou - Bad Apple" port is made by Fubuki and was taken from

The BeatMap is being generated automatically, which means you can play with any music you want!
(tho it also means there can be some bugs and gameplay quality may vary, that depends on music track you set)
Each note on screen represents a note in music track
A slider appears if there is at least two notes without a gap between them
to pass a slider tap&hold while moving the cursor through the slider

Cursor - mouse (touchscreen)
Click - [Z]/[X]/mouse button (touchscreen)

- Options -
Difficulty [1-3] - Changes notes size and HP drain (HP)
Speed [0.8-1.2] - music and game speed
- Settings -
Track [1-8] - choose a track to play (if there is more than one)
Channel [1-4] - set listening channel, system will use it to generate notes on screen
Play/Stop button - preview of a track you chose. It will also show activity of each channel for easier listening channel setup
Sliders [on/off] - generate sliders or replace them with single notes
- Custom tracks -
(the track may need some optimization first)
to load a track from another cardridge, enter these commands in console
> load TIC!osu
> load [music cartridge name].tic sfx
> load [music cartridge name].tic music
then setup track and listening channel using ingame Settings





Wow, This is amazing! Also heck yeah, Bad Apple!



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