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I do not know what to write about this I will write about COVID-19.
I figured out how to rid the world of COVID-19
if that COVID-19 is a coronavirus
krch first needs the COVID-19 genome
well the genome is a type of code
the genome determines how the virus will develop and its behavior in General
when we find the genome we will need to remove the part responsible for the attack from there
that is part of the code that causes the virus to attack a person
and when we find that part we need to remove it
then the virus will be harmless
and if using an altered genome we synthesize cells
then we get a defused COVID-19
I. e. vaccination
this is quite difficult to do
the main problem is to find the part that causes the virus to attack a person and remove it
after all in fact a person does not die because of the virus itself
and because the immune system is trying to fight COVID-19
COVID-19 gets into the lungs and then the immune system tries to kill it
by injecting a special liquid into the lungs
which in fact should kill the virus
although the virus cannot be killed in principle
this is an inanimate organism
and because the immune system injects fluid into the lungs it becomes more difficult for a person to breathe
and because of this, a person suffocates, i.e. dies
and the problem is how to make sure that this doesn't happen
you can for example make sure that the immune system does not fight COVID-19
but it is very difficult
or you can make it so that COVID-19 does not get into the lungs
but this is not easy enough to do
Yes and what will the vaccination change
the body will still try to win COVID-19
therefore vaccination is not an option
and we need to find another way to fight COVID-19
for example you can go into quarantine as much as possible
this will severely limit the spread of COVID-19
but still, what to do with those already infected?
neelzch same simply to remove COVID-19 or burn human
and if you leave them separately from people this is also not the best option
Yes and if you go into quarantine it will not limit the spread of the virus by 100%
after all many infected people can not even guess that they are infected
and if you check each person, it will take a long time
and even then you can't check all the people
what to do for example with remote villages
or with those who will be against it
and the main question is how to overcome COVID-19
but still, the quarantine will limit the spread of COVID-19 quite strongly
and it is quite simple to restrict the country
but the question is how long will the quarantine last
after all, the virus itself will not go away
on the contrary, more and more people will be infected
but some people are smart, and immediately bought stocks of pasta and buckwheat
these products have the longest shelf life
in General the ideal option would be a bunker
but there aren't enough bunkers for everyone
and the question is how long will we live there?
common household bins for a long time is not enough
in a couple of months the food will be finished
and I'll have to go out again
although toilet paper will finish much earlier
and then what's the point of bunkers?
after all, in the house, having purchased supplies, you can live as long as
COVID-19 almost doesn't matter if you are in a house or in a bunker
after all, COVID-19 is spread by airborne droplets
well speaking in simple language by air and water
and that's when you're sitting in the house
closing Windows and doors
COVID-19 will almost never be able to get to you
and it is logical that many people are afraid of COVID-19
there is no cure for it
and the problem is that the usual masks are enough to protect yourself from COVID-19
they are not expensive
it is much more expensive to buy inventory for a month
and why do people still buy buckwheat and macaroni and stay at home without going out
although I'd be at home too if I didn't have to go anywhere
and because all people stay at home they often use the Internet
what else could they do
and that gave a strong blow to popular sites like youtube or Netflix
and all sorts of other little things like minecraft servers or secondary sites are also not poorly loaded
and here's the question what do youtubers who need content do?
you can hardly go out on the street
ticktok checks are no longer relevant
but COVID-19 is relevant
and for this reason many bloggers began to shoot videos in the style of stayhome
and YouTube itself is not a distortion
YouTube administrators also recorded a stayhome video
and all sorts of scientific channels started making videos about COVID-19
and this also gave a considerable blow to YouTube
although many youtubers do not mind
after all, 70% of youtubers shoot at home
these are mainly challenges, checks, and of course letsplays
although it is surprising that life hacks checks have become relevant
after all, before that, the life hacks themselves were relevant
and they were even filmed by himan and mamix
not to mention slivkishow
and now what?
life hacks remove the maximum trum Troi and sometimes slivkishow
although it is clear that slivkishow still removes life hacks
after all it was because of them that he took off
and got a lot of subscribers
now he has 14 million subscribers on his channel
and avatele that it has overtaken the A4
after all the cream of the show video is a level higher in quality than Vlad's
not to mention the mamix who even before the video if not higher level, but exactly at the same level
why did Vlad take off?
why didn't Hyman take off and shoot the same thing?
why did even mamix barely get 10 million subscribers?


what.. is... BUUULSHIIIII1IIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


if i watch this too long it will crash my game

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