shoot them up game
made by skz1024 - 2020/08/02
uploaded by skz1024
download cartridge


This game is a shooting game.
you gain experience and level up every time you kill an enemy. The player's attack power and weapon performance increase as the level increases. Players have shields and health, so they won't die if they hit several.

Players use the A button to change weapons. You can use each powerful skill by using B,X,Y buttons.
‚ÄčThe play time is about 10 minutes. Game difficulty is usually easy.

‚ÄčI tried to put a lot of content due to the limit of the number of characters (65535), but it didn't go as well as I thought, so I made this game so far.

2020/10/30 main menu music on/off button bug fixed, support 0.80.4

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