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Play as Boz the dog in this short, non-violent platformer
made by jf1x
uploaded by jf1x
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Play as Boz, a dog whose adventurer master left to vanquish an evil enemy at the top of a tower - and didn't take Boz along with him, or the ball he threw before he left! Deliver the ball to the top of the tower and be a Good Dog!

Featuring a brilliant soundtrack by Larner , Updog is a challenging, non-violent platformer made for GBJAM8 on Try to return the ball as quickly as possible! Your best time will be saved, post it below to compete with other players!

Double Jump mode

Turn on Double Jump mode by holding Select [S] and pressing [Up]. This mode will grant you a second jump mid-air after regular jumps and wall jumps. High scores will be marked with a Double Jump icon if you had it on at any time during the run.

Double Jump mode can also be used for another speedrun category as best times are stored separately!

Has your ball disappeared or is unreachable?

Never fear! Ancient canine magic is available to you! Simply hold Select [S] and press Start [A] and your ball will be teleported to your feet. But beware, a full 3 minute time penalty will be applied. All magic comes at a cost!





Wow this game is really good, but i am still a bit sad for that ending... (F for the chicken)


Nice game!

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