A simple top-down arena shooter.
made by Retropaint
uploaded by Retropaint
download cartridge


How much can you score against an onslaught of generic red enemies?

During the start screen:
Hold up to mute audio
Hold down to reset highscore

While in-game, press A (keyboard) to pause

Full Game Update!
- Changed title screen theme
- You can now pause by pressing A (on keyboard)
- You're now 70% slower when looking back
- Slowed down shooter enemy bullets
- Enemy bullet trajectory will now travel directly where the enemy is looking, rather than pin-pointing at the player.
- Added katana wielders (they're fast!)
- Added wielders into title screen art
- Added timed bonus items, including 2 weapons and a score doubler. A random item will spawn every few seconds at a fixed random location. You cannot get the same item twice in a row.

WIP Update 2:
- map overhaul. The doors may seem bigger, but this has no effect on gameplay.
- enemies fire twice as fast
- hold down to reset highscore and up to mute audio
- player and enemy bullets are now colored
- just-spawned enemies are darker to indicate they are still behind boundaries and can't be hit yet
- Added more sounds
- Start menu theme now plays at 160 tempo instead of 150
The game is nearing completion! :)

WIP Update 1:
- Score is now saved as highscore
- Added animations for killed enemies and player
- Bullets will now 'puff' when hitting walls
- You can now look back while standing still



Good momentum and groove! :-D


It's me or this game is incredibly hard? i survived at most for 5 seconds :)


It would be nice if this game had a high score display. I think my high score was 60, but I'm not sure. It's kinda addictive, though. :)




Really good, and hard:)


fun fact : there is a cheat menu in the game,if you go to the game code you can find GOD_MODE : false

turn it into true,and now your invulnerable

Retropaint,if you want me to delete this,tell me that

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