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Cross screen, avoid collisions and drowning
made by Popolon
uploaded by Popolon
download cartridge


cross the screen from the left to right end with your 3,5" flying like a bird floppy disk. Avoid balls and fight against elements (gravity, wind, water friction and flux).

You can play at two players, first to reach the right has 500pts bonus, other has 500pts malus
Second player use the keys up: r down: d left: s right: f or 2nd joystick.

Warning, the oxygen of the floppy has limited oxygen for water diving, but water (in bubbles and river) can help to avoid balls as everything is slower in water. At each level more balls fall back. At score of

At the scores of 30.000 and 60.000 you win one more life.
* Use cursor keys to move

In menu:
* Cursor to move around item
* s (A button), space or enter to select item

Tech tips in game (need to activate debug mode):
* Use s key to display wind direction
* Use q key (a on AZERTY keyboard) to switch between gradient (default) or unified wind

You can learn most of what I used and even more in the Creative Commons book, "The Nature of Code" from Daniel Shiffman, here: including, basics of linear algebra, physics and autonomous agents.

*** Updates ***
2021.03.13 30:38 (CET time, GMT+1) update
* Add awfull but fun hack: In water color effect (via OVR) for objects in bubbles, as it was apparently not so easy to understand.

*** Oops last minute bug patched
2021.02.18 01:20 (CET time, GMT+1) update
* Cleanup and reorganize the game to have 2 players (joysticks or keyboard dfgr for second one.
* More deep color gradient
* Improve sounds
* Remove some bugs
* Add (quickly made) dead player animation and ball explode animations
* Reorganized score board, add living heart, and dead symbol

2021.02.15 13:25 (CET time) update
* Added support of return/space key to validate items in menus.

2021.02.14 17:55 (CET time) update
* Added end game picture
* Added gradient for eye-candyfiying, transparency on bubble, and on river
* Easy mode: Reduced oxygen reduction rate when under water

2021.02.14 10:54 (CET time) update
* Added some in game sounds
* Add some reflects on water
* Correct some physicals behaviors
* Added menu
* Added Easy level (but 500 pts/level), floppy can go+accelerate faster, balls size range is smaller
* Audio can be disabled

2021.02.13 17.28 (CET time) update
* Launch 1/3 of ball at start instead of the whole max. A progressive percentage instead of a fixed part
* Increase the (randomized time of new balls
* Increase water flux to make ball disappear more quickly and have new one coming faster
* Increase new life to 30.000 and add a second one at 60.000

2021.02.13 16.47 (CET time) update
* Add a green bar at right, during pre-launch second, to help to understand this is the goal.
* Reduce gravity at start to make the game a little easier for beginner, it increase at each level, but bonus life is at 20K Instead of 10K now.
* Add a blinking circle around oxygen meter when < 50% to help to understand there is a danger.

2021.02.13 First release



Please fix the bug: background balls' flare is on foreground!


This it because other object enter in the bubble, so are behind the flare, this is not a bug.


So I added a slightly modified color effect, for objects in bubbles, sot it's easier to understand that they are in bubble, and that is why for, they move slower and bubble reflect is in front of the object.

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