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Go up to the surface and free Earth from the Shelk invasion
made by altamarino
uploaded by altamarino
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2024-02-11 Added auto save points and some settings.
The planet was dominated by beings from Venus, the shelk. Humanity has lived underground for centuries.
Go up to the surface and free Earth from the Shelk invasion. (Inspired by Charles R. Tanner short stories),
- To successfully finish the game you must eliminate all the mosquitoes, the dogs and the shelk. Gems are optional, you ask to get 25, there are 27.
- It is essential to get a weapon and learn to swim before leaving Loor, the town of Tumithak.
- Ghosts are immune to gunshots and crabs are not hit. It only remains to escape from all of them.
- IF YOU THINK IT IS DIFFICULT: You can avoid the fireballs of the horizontal corridors by walking without stopping at the top, in the vertical ones going up to the left and down to the right. Fixed flares and slashes don't hit you if you go through the opposite end. It is easier if you leave the collection of gems for after defeating the enemies.
Good trip !!

El planeta ha sido sometido por invasores de Venus, los shelk. La humanidad lleva siglos viviendo bajo tierra.
Sube a la superficie y libera a La Tierra de la invasion Shelk. (Inspirado en los relatos de Charles R. Tanner).
- Para finalizar con exito el juego, debes eliminar a todos los mosquitos, los perros y los shelk. Las gemas son opcionales, se piden 25, hay 27.
- Es imprescindible tener un arma y aprender a nadar antes de salir de Loor, el pueblo de Tumithak.
- Los fantasmas son inmunes a los disparos y los cangrejos no son alcanzados. Solo queda escapar de ellos.
- SI TE PARECE DIFICIL: Puedes evitar las bolas de fuego de los pasillos horizontales caminando sin pararte por arriba del todo, en los verticales subiendo por la izquierda y bajando por la derecha. Las llamaradas y cuchilladas fijas no te alcanzan si pasas por el extremo opuesto. Resulta mas facil si dejas la recoleccion de gemas para despues de vencer a los enemigos.
Buen viaje !!



Really nice! Pretty hard though.


Thanks. Not so difficult but it cannot be achieved the first time, you have to memorize the maze to advance. Lives are found along the way.


a top down action adventure game! Thats what I need!

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