shoot them up game
made by skz1024 - 2021/04/25
uploaded by skz1024
download cartridge


tamshooter2 - 2021/04/25
Description of the game

The game form is almost the same as 1, but the interface has changed.

Use a variety of weapons to kill your enemies. You can use 3 skills to inflict more damage to your enemies. Each time you use a skill, there is a cool time, and if there is no cool time, you can use the skill again.

Any combination of weapons and skills can be used.

There are 1 to 7 rounds, and 0 is for testing. If you select after the first round, the character's level will change. However, when selecting Round 0, the character's level does not change.

All rounds are cleared at the set time. And if there is a boss, the boss usually appears 5 seconds earlier than the clearing time, and generally does not progress while the boss is present.

The maximum level of the character is 40.

If you have a very large number of weapon markers, you will often get a lag. (Especially leveled up arrow, laser)

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