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if you get hit, time goes up
made by OtherGuy24
uploaded by OtherGuy24
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Please disregard the comments from 2021. There was a different cart here which was replaced. Those comments have nothing to do with this cart.

actual description of the current cart: it's a platformer with a time trial. when you get hit, time goes up. In the future, when i learn how to do more than one level and get it to work, i want to implement the following:
-that if you get hit once or more, you can't go on to the next level. however, you don't die. you can keep playing and the game records your best time (which goes up every time you get hit).
-later, when you finish the whole game, it adds up your total time, and you can go back to each individual level to improve each time, thereby reducing the total time, so that you always have a challenge even after you finish the game, you could always get a faster time for each level and a faster total time



It's 8bitPanda (by Bruno Oliveira), but you can't die, and it counts how many times you get hit. At the end, it tells you your "score" (lower is better, of course).

The only changes to the map were in places where you could get stuck ifyou can't die (five places, if i remember correctly). I think i identified and changed all such places, but i may have missed some.

All items except for yellow bamboo were removed since they didn't serve a purpose within the concept.

To do (if someone knows how):
In RestoreTic, make it so that when you start the game,it gives three options: PLAY A LEVEL, PLAY AN ISLE, (and you can select), PLAY WHOLE GAME. When you finish an isle, it goes to WinTic to show you the "score"(amount of times hit).

Then, make it so that it remembers the best 5 "scores" for each level, isle, and whole game (separately).

Maybe bring back the green powerup but make it a fire powerup (sprite would be the same green as super panda, and it would fire green sticks instead of yellow). The interval between shots (that you're allowed to shoot) would be longer. Instead of 20 ticks like the yellow, it would be 60 ticks.

It would be great if i can figure out how to do all that stuff, but if you want, please take a crack at it yourself. (Or modify the game however you want!). Thanks!


I've kept fixing stuff, so if you've tried the game and something wasn't working correctly, please give it another try. Thank you. (if you've downloaded the file, the last version is version 1.5 as of the writing of this comment.)


now the latest version is 1.6

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