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Gardening a permaculture way
made by Popolon
uploaded by Popolon
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Game about gardening. WIP
* use z/button 1 to throw seeds or get eggs/fruits
* Fruits and their seeds can be collected from plants, and seeds are needed to add plants
* Plants protect worms from chicken, and add fertility to soil. Plant without fruits and worms reduce fertility of soil.
* if you have no more seeds and there is no more plants, game is over

If get are not take soon enough, another poussin follow his mother.
Animation will be added progressively with game mechanic. My goal of this project is to work first on game mechanic and second only on animation/effects, to have a true game.

Update 2021/07/30 00h00 :
* Audio mute option
* Compute overall fertility change score and display gain/loose at game over title
* Aesthetic: Reorg scoreboard, remove case borders
* Misc bugfixes (chicken that vibrate near border, sort some sprite sort missing...)

Update 2021/07/16 :
* zsort, few more animations and games mechanics
* poussins have a more realist follow of her mother (instead of straight line) and start from it's egg



Congrats on getting number 2000! I knew I wouldn't have time to snipe this ID!


huhu, thank you. I can't resist, so this is just a WIP :).

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