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Shoot 'em up + Dungeon RPG game - 2021/07/23
made by skz1024
uploaded by skz1024
download cartridge


tamshooter3 - 2021/07/23 (post: 2021/07/26)
This game was made with tic-80 version 0.8. If there is a problem running the game due to the update of tic-80, please send an email to [email protected]. (However, I don't speak English, so I use a translator. I don't edit the game right away, I do it anytime.)
There is no intention of fixing bugs and game data unless it is a problem that does not run.

Game Features
- This game is a side-scrolling flight shooter (shoot 'em up).
- There are health and shield. If you get hit by an enemy, your shield will decrease, if all of your shields are reduced, your health will decrease, and if your health reaches 0, it's game over.
- You can use skills to make powerful attacks on enemies.
- Meet various round themes, enemies and bosses!
- Round (dungeon) process method, round selectable
- Level up by collecting experience points (Ending Level 80, Max Level 150)
- The game is automatically saved every 1 second. However, round progress only stores partial data.

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