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Port of J.B.Wisniewski's AtariBASIC game
made by Sim_Piko
uploaded by Sim_Piko
download cartridge


Collect all loot in this weird platformer.
- Controls in-game
Left, Right - move
A - jump (vertically when facing front, diagonally when facing sideways)
X - go back to level selection screen
Y in debug mode - skip level
Originally made for Atari 130XE (and alike) by J.B.Wi$niewski in 1986, published in 'Tajemnice Atari' magazine 2/1992

Posted as WIPs, because of few problems with 'zapadnia's (level 7 and later). They unintentionally slow you down for some reason. Also game likes to 'eat' inputs.
Trying to port code from Atari BASIC is quite a challenge, as LUA or any other modern language don't have GOTO anymore and I had to somehow work around them with lots of IFs. That and timing issues.

- 2017-09-10 - initial upload
- 2019-12-22 - fix for not being able to move ingame (PEEKing 0x3FF0 instead of 0xFF80)



How the fuck do I get pass level 3?


level 3 - collect left treasure, then right one. then go back and jump onto middle treasure from left edge of 3 block wide platform
For whatever reason original author made that collecting last treasure triggers finish condition, even if on next frame player would die from, for example, fall damage.

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