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This is a fan remake of the awesome game "Crillion" on the C64 by Oliver Kirwa
made by Ravetracer
uploaded by Ravetracer
download cartridge


This is a small fan remake of one of my most favourited games "Crillion" on the Commodore C64.
I tried to keep it simple as the original game was. Would be nice to get some feedback/bug reports from the community ;-)

- original levels
- switching between classic/modern graphics
- switching between Colodore/Pepto color palette
- switching between multiple ingame music tracks or (nearly) original noise effect
- enable/disable music and sfx
- high score saver for up to 8 entries

- maybe adding some more ingame music
- optimizing

Update 2021-09-02:
- added completely new ingame track (Cover of "Major Tom" by "Peter Schilling")

Update 2021-09-01:
- fixed a display issue with the new ingame key information and the stats on the right side

Update 2021-08-20:
- added button icons for controllers and the assigned keyboard key when on desktop to prevent confusions for people which are not playing Tic80 games that often

Update 2021-08-18:
- added new ingame music track
- fixed one level
- set as released
- added ingame keys for turning on/off music an sfx

Remember the keys between Tic80 and standard keyboard:



This is absolutely amazing! I have never played the original, but I am certainly addicted to your version.


I'm very happy that you like my little game. Have fun!

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