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attempt at scrolling platformer template
made by OtherGuy24
uploaded by OtherGuy24
download cartridge


Please disregard the comments (at least the first three ones). There was a different cart here before which was replaced. Those comments have nothing to do with this cart

actual description of the current cart: trying to learn how to make a scrolling platformer



Love this! The style is create, and it's fun to play, though I did find the second boss easier than the first one :) 32 is my best so far.


This is just a copy of : 2017 card from another people:


@Popolon: It's based on witchemup. I wasn't trying to pass it off as my own. WitchemUp is one of the most famous games on TIC80. I thought it was understood that this was just a small modification of witchemup. (that's why it says "hit counter edition", meaning: same thing, just a changed version of it.)

That being said, it should say that more explicitly somewhere. Here's what happened: i had done [yet another, different], modification of witchemup before, which i deleted. In that one, i'm pretty sure i had written on the description that the original had been made by tinchetsu and rushJet1. I didn't realize that, in this one, i forgot to write that in the description.

(in this one, btw, it still says tinchetsu and RushJet1 on the cover image. if i had wanted to pass it off as my own, i could have deleted that).

But since you mentioned it, now i realize, i didn't credit for the creators in the description. i will do that.

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