A puzzle game similar to "Lights Out"
made by Ravetracer
uploaded by Ravetracer
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Welcome to "Crosses".

This game is a tribute to an old C64 game called "Logo" which consisted of three different game modes.
One of them was what "Crosses" is like: A puzzle game based of the more known "Lights Out" game.

The rules are easy and fast explained.
You have to clear the entire play field from the tiles. To do so you will set crosses on the field.
If you set a cross on an empty space you'll just see it. If there are already filled fields where your cross should be set, those fields are inverted. Setted tiles are cleared, unset tiles are filled.

Just try it out. There's no time limit (which I wanted to implement but then discarded).
It's possible to switch between "Levels" and "Random" mode.
If you played through all 60 levels you can try the random mode which, as the name says, generate random levels. It's like a zen mode.

- puzzle game with classic graphics done in Commodore C64 color palette
- completely controlled by the mouse
- 60 levels included
- best scores will be saved after each level

- clean up random tiles to keep the contrast high. some tiles are too similar to the background raster
- adding music
- adding best score reset
- overall cleanup



Nice version! And nice level design! Hope music is implemented soon.

I've found some levels that seem to be unsolvable. These are 28, 30 and 36. The rest are solvable. That's a problem in 11x11: not all levels are solvable; if the size was 10x10, or 11x11 but wrapping, all possible configurations would be solvable.


I've made a simple web-based tool that tells if a board is solvable: http://www.formauri.es/personal/pgimeno/temp/solvableCrosses.php


Sorry, 36 is solvable. It's only 28 and 30.


Sorry I haven't looked in here for a long time. Thank you for your efforts! I will revise the levels again!

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