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An entry for the GitHub Game Off 2021.
made by pke1029 and starling
uploaded by pke1029
download cartridge


A heart-fluttering exercise in butterfly watching while trying to find out what's beyond the surface of daily life. Complete 3 mazes to reach the ending... or just relax and enjoy the music!

LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move, Z or SPACE to jump and interact.

- Custom 3D library and a (somewhat) efficient face sorting algorithm.
- Procedurally generated maze.
- Particle system modified from PSLIB by @viza.
- 3D models for the butterfly particles.

- Programming & Art by @pke1029
- Music & Writing by @starling
- Title art by @im_erique_k

The game is made in one month for the GitHub Game Off 2021. You can check out the game page here:

Update: We were ranked 11 in the overall category out of 525 entries. Thank you everyone for playing!



This is beyond amazing. Astounding even. Pure art!

Thank you kindly for creating this, my new fav game, so relaxing.


@aykaramba Thank you for playing! I am happy to hear that you enjoyed the game.


man tic-80 has been pushing the limits and still get good performance. wow


:D I am still playing the game. I play it every day to relax. True work of art. Thank you so much!


You should win this contest, this game is absolutely beautiful. The art, the 3D effect, the music, every last aspect of this game is beautiful in every way. Good on you. Infinity/10.


Wonderful game. It took me a few minutes to realize I could double-jump. Very relaxing & fun :)


@CartridgE_65 We used a lot of 3D rendering tricks to optimize the game. It's very challenging but we enjoyed making it!

@aykaramba I am fluttered to hear that. Thank you very much for the support.

@gameboxtic Thank you for your kind words. I am glad that you enjoyed the game. (I also hope we win!)

@jm999 I agree that the game is lacking some explanation and I hope to improve on that front in the future. Thank you for playing!


Noooooo .... ! Haha! Plase don't explain games. Please let people discover the game.

Games used to have this charm where they expected the users to discover the game and part of the enjoyment was just this discovery process. Even if the game is yours, it makes it feel like it is ours because we had to discover it.

There is a place for training and hints but, in my humble opnion, not in games like this.

If anything, stuffing secrets and telling players less might be a better approach for a game of discovery. Sometimes when a customer says "i did not know" they actually mean "i enjoyed discovering something my self".


Again, this isn't really a game. This is a sublime work of art. t transcends art, space, music and time. Lean into that, not into customer service. No one likes customer service.


Great man great
You should make the game but with more levels and make it longer

However I love your game and enjoyed it 😉❤️


Really loved the style and gameplay!
Gives me omori vibes with a captain toad like gameplay.
Also think that the vending machine "poem" and the collor pallete are really cute!

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