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Made for Bored Pixels Jam 2021
made by Mr Happy (paul59)
uploaded by PaulR
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Made for the Bored Pixels Jam December 2021

Environmental Officer 841-B (aka Jack) is on his daily round picking up discarded clothing, when his 'Enviro-Vac' cart malfunctions. Collected clothes are usually deconstructed into reusable material but a fault in the matter transformer is shooting out the collected items instead.

Collect clothes using the Enviro-Vac.
Colors are only revealed (and items can only be collected) when an item is in scanner range.
The selector determines TYPE of item being collected (but not the color!).
The Enviro-Vac uses power as does hurrying; batteries will refill your power meter but may overload the already damaged circuits with unpredictable results.

Button A/Keyboard 'Z' Enviro-Vac
Button B/Keyboard 'X' Selector
Right/Keyboard Right Hurry

For each item collected 10 PTS
When all colors match: 100 PTS
When all colors differ: 500 PTS

TIP: Get repeat bonus scores when you have a matching (or all-different) outfit, by only collecting identical items!

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