Screen fit system for 4:3
made by profpatonildo
uploaded by profpatonildo
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Tic-80's screen aspect ratio isn't a good fit for devices with 4:3 screens, like the Rg351v, by Anbernic.
With this system, you can make your game fit better in such devices.
Default values have been calculated to make the game use almost all the screen space of the Rg351v:
The system clips 16 pixels from each side of the game screen, making it a better fit for 4:3 screens.
The resulting game screen is 208 pixels wide (26 8x8 tiles wide), so take that into account when designing your games for this system.
In Retroarch, the Tic-80 emulator core must be configured to: 1. Enable integer scale; 2. Enable integer scale overscale. You can find those settings on the Retroarch menus, under: Settings -> Video -> Scaling.
In this demo, the fitting can be toggled with the A button (Z key). For a real game, it would be more sensible to have the option on a system menu or make it enabled by default and incorporate it into the design of the game.
The variables are simple to modify if you want to use this system for different aspect ratios.
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