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wordle clone in toki pona lang
made by archargelod
uploaded by ArcharGelod
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Little wordle clone in toki pona language.
What's Toki Pona? ->

Supports both Keyboard and Mouse/Touchscreen.
Keyboard shortcuts:
1-7: toggle letter options
8: toggle "tp only" option
9: toggle menu

Rules: you have 5 tries to guess a word,
after each entry you'll get hints:
-green -- right letter at right place
-orange -- right letter but wrong place
-red -- wrong letter

Ver 1.1:
-nicer background
-now you can play with 1-7 letter words (4 is reccomended)
-enter key will restart the game after you lost/win
Ver 1.2:
-added option to enter not toki pona words ("tp taso" - tp only)
Ver 1.3:
-updated mouse/touch code to support more than 4 letters
-dynamic keypad colors
-improved logic for hints
Ver 1.4:
-score, highscore, streak (highscore is saved between sessions)
-option menu is now foldable (button in top right corner)
-pseudo 3d font

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