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You are a triangle, shoot enemies and grow your colony
made by Louis Vuillermet
uploaded by peignenappe9599
download cartridge


Work in Progress - Space survival, you have to defend your space station and collect ressources in order to grow the colony

New version released at :



I'm usually tentative with top down space shooter formats... but I ended up messing around with this for the best part of an hour and was having a lot more fun than I expected to. Would love to play more but I've had 2 crashes thus far :(

My latest error was this:
>[string "-- title:
SpaceShooter.tic..."]:908: attempt to
index a nil value (local 'lastObj')
stack traceback:
[string "-- title:
SpaceShooter.tic..."]:908: in method
[string "-- title:
SpaceShooter.tic..."]:1162: in function

If the bugs were fixed or I could do a save I would love to play more! Nevertheless, fun idea for sure!


Thanks for the feedback ! <3

I'll try to find out whats going on. As i work on many projects at the same time i don't update regularly. I'll let you know when bug is fixed and i hope i find time to add features soon. I've tried to figure out how to save progression but it seems to be really complicated :/

If anyone is up to contribute let me know !


Heyo! I think you tried adding me in discord a while back. I've been checking in now and then but it looks like you haven't been on in a while. Just wanted to say I accepted your request a few weeks ago if you still wanted to get in touch! hopefully I'll see you around on there sometime :)

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