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Chess variation for TIC-80!
made by xXx_Bobby Cage_xXx
uploaded by xXxBobbyCagexXx
download cartridge


Jeson Mor ("Nine horses") is two-player tabletop game from Mongolia.
One player plays using black horses, and other player use white horses.
Board 9x9 is used for game, and horses works as horses from regular chess.
You can win by 2 ways:
- Enter E5 square, then leave it
- Slay all horses of enemy
Horse at left upper corner shows who is taking turn now.

Game is controlled by keyboard.
A-I keys used for entering X coordinate, and 1-9 keys for Y coordinate.
First you enter coordinate of piece you want to move, then you enter coordinate
of target square.
For example, A1 B3 means that horse on A1 will be moved to B3.
You can erase inputed coordinates using BACKSPACE,
and you can confirm inputed coordinates using SPACE.
You can slay any opponent horse if you can reach it,
(even one which stays at E5),
and you can move any of your horse at any moment.
Rest of details are similiar to regular chess.

(Game is 2 player only, no AI ;_; )



jump into the car from ESO N 1103 and come to the chess battle with only horses

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