1-button mouse/touchscreen shmup
made by BeetleDatFly
uploaded by DatBeetleKirby
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Mouse-controlled bullet hell game with high emphasis on scoring and a position-based rank system.
Still unfinished. Doesn't have a menu yet, so you will have to configure the game through the code editor.
You have retrieved a time capsule in Mongolia containing the coordinates of an old and mysterious computer, which has been preserved in an isolated room for generations to come, in an abandoned base.
It contains a training program seemingly used for an unknown type of war craft, probably a remotely controlled plane.
The computer is connected to a database, containing the data of hostile alien crafts humanity encountered and vainquished.
You decide to try out the program...
[How to play]
Controls: mouse (1 button) or touchscreen (mouse is better though)
Click to switch between shot modes.
Dash and click to aim your shots.
Firing is automatic, unless you're using the Search type craft which won't aim unless an enemy is in sight.
Some ships do a special action when double-clicking.
Aiming Orientation:
- Evasive: your shots will be aimed away from the direction you dashed in.
- Aggressive: your shots will be aimed towards the direction you dashed in.
Playable ships:
Bomber: three shot modes and a bomb which charges over time. It has 3 levels of charging which increase the radius and duration of the explosion.
Mobile: option which can switch between straight shot and wide shot, it can be launched and retrieved.
Following: Gradius-like options which can either follow you or move along you. They tilt based on your Aiming Orientation.
Search: 7 options which automatically search enemies. While following you, they can either aim enemies everywhere or in a small angle. You can put them in a stationary state, but their attack range will become smaller.
Yin-Yang: Switch between a weak shot with a shield which slows down bullets and destroys some of them (Yin mode), and a strong but not very protective shot (Yang mode). You can launch a charged weapon when switching between modes.
Curvybeam: straight curved laser, back laser which homes in on the lowest enemy onscreen, two rings, squid-shaped pattern and powerful blade aimed accordingly to your movements. Not suited for beginners.
Warp: can teleport everywhere when the teleportation gauge is full. It fills up when grazing enemy bullets. After teleporting, a dummy is created at your position before teleportation. Enemies will aim at it instead of your craft.
Other shot types will be added later.
Aiming algorithm (Search):
- Protector: nearest enemy (suited for beginners)
- Killer: weakest enemy
- Greedy: enemy with the best score/HP ratio (better for scoreplayers)
There are four rank values, called Karma, indicated by the bars on the left of the screen. The three first ones from left to right are called Front, Side and Back. They alter the bullet patterns launched respectively downwards, sideways and upwards. They increase when killing enemies above you, on the sides, and below you. Some enemies are worth more Karma than others. The last Karma value slowly increases with time.
Grazing bullets gives points, but staying near the same bullet gives even more points. This also increases the Zorig (indicated by blue Z), which increases the score by 6*zorig every frame. Grazing bullets at pointblank fills the Zorig gauge faster than normal grazing. If you die, the Zorig will be reset to 0, and your rank will be divided by 2. While invincible, you won't be rewarded from grazing, except if that invincibility time comes from filling the Xuch gauge (indicated by orange X).
Killing enemies fill the Xuch gauge. Once it's full, it will give you some invincibility time and start emptying while doubling your firepower.
19/10/2022: nerfed one of Örgönjigüür's bullet patterns.
23/10/2022: fixed the "end of stage message being shown while the game over message is being displayed" bug.

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