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Shoot enemies, get gold, expand your colony
made by Louis Vuillermet - PeigneNappe
uploaded by peignenappe9599
download cartridge


Space survival, you have to defend your space station and collect gold in order to grow the colony.
You can buy AI units in station menu to help you dig more and more gold.

(0.3) - Added many features, more unit and enemy types, upgrade system for station and player.
You may need to download the cartridge to run the game more smoothly.
Frame rate drops a little after expanding the world size.
I think i should switch to a more complex game engine to develop further versions.

Let me know what are your thoughts about this game and what I should change or improve in future versions (: Thank you for playing SpaceShooter.tic, have a nice day !



Pretty good, though the button instructions are a bit confusing.


I agree with #19029, maybe try simplyfying the controls or at least make them more consistant.


other than that i really enjoy the game


Pretty nice game.

Is it possible to add a saving possibility?


Heyy thanks for your feedbacks ! I didn't wanted to use the mouse in this game, so yess the controles are a bit tricky. How could i change them to be less confusing ?

I would like so much to create a saving system but i couldn't figure out a way to import saves. i tried to make it with json files but there is no way for TIC-80 to load external ressouces... At least i didn't found out how. Help will be appreciated !

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