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A collaborative cartridge with 16 games by 16 developers.
made by Wojciech Graj
uploaded by wojtek_graj
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Collaborative TIC-80 Cart! Developers Wanted.

The TIC-80 Collab16v2 cartridge will be a "16-in-1" cartridge, with 16 games created by 16 different developers.

This cartridge could be a fun way to encourage collaboration within the tic-80 community, allowing 16 different developers to come together to create something together. As far as I'm aware, it would also set the record for a tic-80 cartridge with the most authors. So let's have some fun, and create something cool together!

Why v2? The first attempt at a Collab16 cartridge was maintained by Rami Sabbagh and can be found here: The project was unfortunately cancelled, but I have identified that project's shortcomings, and have decided to try to reboot an improved version. I am planning to complete this project and have numerous open-source projects under my belt, so rest assured that your work will not go to waste.

The available space in a cartridge has been split into 16 equal parts, with each game having the following:
- 4048 Bytes/characters of code
- 16 8x8 Tiles
- 16 8x8 Sprites
- 2040 Map tiles (60x34)
- 4 Sound effects
- Up to 1 custom waveform
- Up to 1 music track

You will find instructions on how to contribute on the github page (you don't need a github account though):

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