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WiwinGAZE's TIC-80 port
made by xXx_Bobby Cage_xXx
uploaded by xXxBobbyCagexXx
download cartridge


1.0 Censored version of WiwinGAZE's TIC-80 port (so called "WiwinGAZE for TIC-80"), originally Vectorboy rage game set in 2028
Original game:

Main menu:
Press X (A by default) to start game.
Press Y (S by default) to enter password screen.
Press B (X by default) to enter settings screen.
- - -
Password screen:
Press d-pad directions (arrow keys by default) to change corresponding numbers.
When you enter correct password press B (X by default) to load level then start game as usual.
But first leave the screen for main menu! Use A (Z by default) to do this.
- - -
Settings screen:
Press B (X by default) to change walls display mode: textured, 3D wireframe (like in original) or plain 2D.
Press X and Y (A and S by default) to change walls color for 3D wireframe and 2D modes.
Press left and right to change damage (multiplier of your damage).
Press A (Z by default) to go back to main menu.
- - -
Level screens:
These showcase trouble location and explain your task. They also provide mission password.
Skip these screens by pressing A (Z by default).
- - -
Control your vessel by using TIC-80 gamepad's d-pad (arrow keys by default).
Your vessel keeps accumulated velocity for some time before auto-brake.
Pause your game by pressing Y (S by default). Unpause with same button.
Pick up items and hostages by colliding with them.
- - -
Know your enemy:
* Fish flies between two points and bites you.
* Human soldiers shoot upwards when they see you and patrol territories.
* Bees just straight awful.
* Walls hurt you and bump you backwards; more speed = more damage.
* Reactors hide keys.
* Doors consume keys.
* Water corrupts your armor and slows you down.
* Various bombs: red just explodes, green puts acid on you, blue consumes fuel, orange corrupts control system.
* Special obstacle include: hive man, space threat, anvils, skulls and nuclear rockets, and more. We won't explain these to you. :-)



P.S.: forgot to say that you will get "game over" if you won't have more than 100 units of fuel during exit


This is an unusual game that is not so easy to complete. Make an effort.
This is surrealism. The cosmic background relaxes and you plunge into the unconscious. The only thing I will say is level 5 is an impossible speedrun. you will remember by code 9660 and be sure to collect yellow bombs, they will save you at level 7
blue canister will help you when flying to another level.
Good luck the game is worth it. we learn to play

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