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1-button mouse bullet hell shmup
made by BeetleDatFly
uploaded by DatBeetleKirby
download cartridge


• Revised music and arranged boss theme.
• Added XIIMORI TEMPERAMENT feature. You can choose between Bolgoomjtoy and Aymshiggüi. Bolgoomjtoy gives automatic protection and attenuates the consequences of shipdamage (Karma and Zorig loss) if Xüch gauge is over 50%, however the graze field is smaller and the Xüch power boost gives a shorter invincibility time and lasts less time. Aymshiggüi, on the other hand, doesn't have any protection, but grants a larger graze field and better Xüch power boosts in terms of invincibility and effect duration.
• Modified and lengthened the stage by adding a ~52 second loop that advances as you destroy all enemies onscreen. This loop has two different routes. If your Zorig is equal to or exceeds 5/7/9 (depends on difficulty mode), you will take the harder route, which also is better for scoring, otherwise you will take the easier and less profitable one.
• Örgönjigüür's central part is now twice as resistant to bullets during its first phase.
• P to pause the game.
• Added high score table and replay feature.
Note: due to the limitations of TIC-80, you have to use the key combination Ctrl+S or enter the command "save" in the console in order to preserve the high scores. Given that you can't save a cart on browser, you may want to download the cart file if you want the high score table to be usable.
• Added two shot types: Targeting and Hexamethodic (abbreviated to Hexamethod.).
Targeting type: your ship has five options that shoot at a reticle you can aim by holding the mouse button and moving your ship at the same time. Double-clicking switches the option formation between following your ship and orbiting around the reticle.
Hexamethodic type: dashing and double-clicking in a specific direction unleashes a special attack that uses a gauge replenished upon damaging enemies with your ship's regular shots. Varying on the direction you dashed towards, different weapons can be used:
• List of attacks (Evasive aiming orientation)
Up: 3-way explosive lightballs
Diagonal up: activates an option ship that shoots in several ways downwards
Sides: two swords, devastating against weak enemies
Diagonal down: activates 5 option ships that shoot in the same direction upwards
Down: powerful piercing beam
No dash+double-click: small force field
• Made Hybrid type's concentrated formation a bit stronger.
• The entire screen flashes white when the player ship is destroyed.
• Also solved some bugs.



oh wow this sounds and looks GORGEOUS!!


Really impressive piece of work ! I seen you used 1 bit graphics and some Mongolian script text :)👍


Yeah I'm trying to mix Mongolian mythology and script with the two-color aesthetic and spaceships, also "Sum Boroo" means "bullet rain" in Mongolian and "xiimori", means "soul", or more literally "wind horse".
Thanks for the positive comments!

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