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De-make of Factorio
made by @ArchaicVirus
uploaded by ArchaicVirus
download cartridge


Welcome to Craptorio! A de-make of the beloved Factorio - A game where you mine resources, research technologies, build infrastructure and automate production. Craptorio tries to distill the essence of Factorio into the 8-bit style, focusing on production and automation. The goal of the game is to automate the production of science packs, which are used in research labs to unlock new technology. Eventually you will unlock the rocket silo, which you must fill with certain items, and launch into space to win the game. You can continue playing after beating the game, but there is no save feature, so keep that in mind before starting a session. Enjoy!

*Press o to open help/controls menu in-game

*Please report any bugs you find @ArchaicVirus in the tic80 discord, and I will fix them as soon as I can. Thanks for playing!

Source Code:



Awesome! Really enjoyed helping and playing!!


Hear me out, Mindustry, alright. Just take this game, add turrets, and enemies and then now im playing that.

Please, the concept is there, the BASE IS THERE-


@HondaChan - XD That sounds like a cool idea. Feel free to fork the project on github if you want to give it a shot. I would consider it, but I'm working hard on a new game called Starjumper, if you want to see progress -


Game seems amazing, but I wish mousing over items in my inv would show the stack size...

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