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A platformer originally made for GBJam 11
made by SRB2er
uploaded by SRB2er
download cartridge


Still is very irrelevant Storyline:

After messing around on your dad's laptop for a bit to much and finding a "frEE cyBErsPaCe trIP ", you find yourself trapped there.

Hopefully you can get back from there before your dad comes back from home


Z(A) - Jump

Left & Right - ... move left and right

Down+X(B) - Use only if you are stuck somewhere

Up - Climb Ladders

B - Flip Color Switch

... that's all the controls.

Made for the GBJAM 11 - And unlike my previous project, I do plan to update this one! So, yeah!

All the code, art, and music was made by SRB2er (me)

Hope you enjoy!


GBJAM 11 Ver - Made for the Game Jam

V1.1 - An updated version with a new gimmick!! :D

V1.1.5 - Slightly 'fixed' the title screen music because the end part sounded bad. Also, the game now saves your last used pallete, so when you play it again, you will have the same pallete. I also forgot to mention, each pallete besides the first were taken from Lospec sooooo yeahhhh.
The pallete names:
Lava GB
Kirokaze Gameboy
Retro Vibes Pallete
Lospec GB Palette
GB Mint Flavour Palette

V1.2 - Added a new gimmick, the Color Switch and Color Switch Blocks!
I also tweaked some stuff but I forgot what :p

V1.3 - Added more 'stages' (or areas I guess) and a nice little QOL (Quality Of Life) feature. Try standing still for 2 seconds and see (or rather, hear) what happens...

V1.3.1 - Made the game actually beatable, as I accidentally made a softlock near the end >:|

The itch page:

Still is very irrelevant but btw the ost was heavily inspired by Tim Follin's Pictionary NES OST. Its really good, go check it out.



Very nice game! Thank you very much!


Hehe, thanks!

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