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Games > KNIFE 2 MEET U

Knife things up!
made by Anything & Nelson "darltrash" Lopez
uploaded by darltrash
download cartridge


Knife 2 Meet U!
A game I made with a friend, finally decided to publish it where it belongs, Tic80's own community "forums" thing!

How to play:
- If enemies touch you, you're gone
- If you dont move enough, you're gone
- Point your knife to the enemies with the mouse cursor, then they're gone
- And move with the primary mouse button.

Some links:



Funny game, thanks !


I barely played it and already ran into unessessary keyboard inputs. I am actually tired of how many games either use the keyboard extensively and don't set the input, or have keyboard input for the sake of having it. Since I okay on mobile, it gets very annoying. At least add an potion to skip the name input screen


all four of the dangers appeared at the same time, rigged
(fun game, nice use of pmem! i got a high score of 130)

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