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Interactive particle effect editor
made by ArchaicVirus
uploaded by ArchaicVirus
download cartridge


Key Features
- Create and export particle systems to use in your TIC-80 game
- Easily customize particle behavior via GUI with buttons and text input
- In-editor documentation (via hover-text, toggleable from settings menu)
- Persistent editor settings (saves prefs to pmem)
- Use sprites or primitives for particle display
- Sprites with red & brown pixels can be re-colored with color settings
- Primitives can have up to 31 colors
- Exports emitters in lua table format through the console
- Performance indicators for fine-tuning (FPS & total particle count)
- Load previously exported emitters (after adding the exported table to particle_defs.lua)
- Uses both vbank() layers for up to 31 color particles
- Re-arrange particle draw order
- Clone particle channels
*Some settings have alternate functions, to view them, hover and hold SHIFT
*Designed for the PRO version of TIC-80
*Please see link below for example cart template, (for implementation)

Source code & template:



I love this! the GUI is so cool too


@TylerDurden Thank you so much! Feel free to poke through gui.lua for most of the ui widgets (I believe a few things are drawn from the main file as well)


Easily one of my favorite carts ever. The UI is both functional and really fun to use. It's kind of like using kidpix or something. I can't judge the particle system on a technical level very deeply but the results are beautiful. I appreciate the killer set of presets. All around amazing cart with a lot to give.


@clearleaf Thank you for the kind words :) I had this idea to collect community-made particles, and add them to the built-in presets. The goal being building up an open-source particle library for tic-80 devs to use/modify. If you have any FX you would like to add, feel free to dm me on discord with the exports, or alternatively you can do a PR on the github repo. Either way, I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks again!

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