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Sell crops and make it to the end of the month!
made by HzV
uploaded by hzvoyager
download cartridge


Game for Battle of the Bits' 5th Game Jam! Help Tico sell crops on the Moon! Yahoo!

See in-game manual on how to play.

I will likely update this in the near future with a few more songs and features, but otherwise it's complete! Everything by me except for the BotB logo from Balmung by petet; multiplier and high-score animations adapted from Bizarroïd by ValentinAm

Went ahead and made the final update barring any additional balancing and code cleanup
changelog v1.0:
-A prompt shows up if you're under quota near the end of a round for clarity!
-Multiplier only reduces by 1 if you get a crop not in the special now (allows for more strategic spending of the Multiplier Touch).
-Quota made a lot less harsh on the upwards scaling
-Altered enemy movement (aimless wandering instead of following player)
-Increased enemy count
-Bonus lives every 30000 points instead of 5000
-More songs! (four new in-game themes)
-Various additional minor improvements

As a result of these changes, high scores from the previous version have been reset!

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