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Simple dice game
made by xXx_Bobby Cage_xXx
uploaded by xXxBobbyCagexXx
download cartridge


Wikipedia page:
Pig is very simple dice game. If you don't want to visit page, I can explain rules here.
First player is choosen randomly, then turns alternate. During turn, player can drop dice any times he want, which
adds to his score, hovewer, if 1 is dropped, all scores accumulated DURING CURRENT TURN are discarded and next
player gets his turn. To save score, player can pass turn at any moment. First player to reach 100 score or more wins.
Basically, point of game is balancing between dropping too much and passing turn too often.
Game can be controlled both by TIC-80 gamepad and keyboard. Z (A on gamepad) used to drop dice, and
X (B on gamepad) used to pass turn.
You can modify game by going into code: line 10 responsible for amount of players, and line 8 - for required score to win.
There's no AI.

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