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Game about guinea pig catching carrots.
made by, TIC version: Teodozjusz, Hatemonday
uploaded by Teodozjusz
download cartridge


Little update (better carrot spawn)
Now with true cover!
Character's color change: Keyboard – Z, TIC Gamepad - A

PL: Nieoficjalny port pierwszej części Gruniożercy na TIC-80. Kieruj świnką tak i zmieniaj kolor jej pyszczka tak, aby zebrać jak najwięcej marchewek! UWAGA: Przyciski podawane w grze odpowiadają przyciskom kontrolera TIC, nie przyciskom na klawiaturze.

EN: Unofficial port of home-brew game „Gruniozerca” to TIC-80. „Gruniozerca” is a Polish neologism which means „Grunio the eater”(Grunio is a main character’s name). In this game you have to catch carrots, but carrots has four colors and you must change color of character to catch them. ATTENTION: Buttons in in-game hints are virtual game-pad buttons, not keyboard buttons, so you can easily play this game on smartphone or controller connected to PC.



You need to adjust the spawn positions of carrots. As it is now, sometimes they're too far away and you can't make to them in time. Unless there's a wall to make Grunio go faster ;)

Pozdro z Polski ;)


I don't know what carrots I can eat, what carrots I can't


@DanAtuch Press Z (or gamepad button A) to switch Gruniozerca's color. It starts with good ol' orange color, followed by gray, then green, then red, and then back to orange.

If a carrot of your color touches you, you earn (combo*10) points. If the carrot that touches you is not your color, you lose a heart and the combo resets to zero. When you lose all of your hearts, you lose the round!

This game has no random guess of what carrots you should or shouldn't eat.

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