Stealth farming game made for LD41
made by @librorumque
uploaded by LRQ64
download cartridge


How To Play
Move all water buckets to the marked places. You can push them, but not pull. Avoid being seen: stay out of guards line of sight, or hide behind buckets or other guards.


Originally it was an entry for Ludum Dare 41 (compo mode)

Since the ancient times, the humanity knew very well about the exceptional values of the cauliflower plant: nutritional, medicinal, or aesthetic. Some even went as far as to claim it can ward off demonic spirit, boosts the intellectual power, or becomes a decent booze if you know what to do. Yet only in 2027, in a sudden flash of enlightenment, Dr. P.Golabek of CDDA Labs realized the true potential hidden in the unloved part of his meal. There was more to the boiled curd of the brassica oleracea than what it seemed on the surface. The discovery didn't go unnoticed, and instead of bringing prosperity and nutrition, the wondrous plant became outlawed along with significant number of unrelated species of brassicaceae family. The time has come to put an end to it and let the cauliflower bloom everywhere! Welcome to the Cauliflower Research Liberation Front, comrade!

←↑↓→ - Walk
btn Ⓐ / key 🆉 - Show guards line of view
btn Ⓑ / Key 🆇 - Restart level
↓ / btnⒶ / key 🆉 - Scroll messages
btn Ⓧ / key 🅰 - Skip

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A very fun game. Deceptively simple at first, the game teaches new elements, and difficulty progresses nicely with each level.


Such a cute and polished sokoban game. Really love it!


Great Game! :)


Well, SergioFLS was making a Sokoban game which is in the WIP section. Now this is WAY BETTER!




I love Sokoban games and this is such a charming one!
The enemies are a great a twist and add a lot of depth to it!
Nice :)


this is a pretty good game
good job


The Game Is Fantastic! Super Fun, Great Job! This should be on steam, Would Be Amazing

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