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janky shmup for BotB's 3rd Game Jam :Y
made by null1024
uploaded by null1024
download cartridge


This is eyesoul, revision 4.
Slide and bounce around while shooting demons!
arrow-keys/d-pad: move
z-key/A-button: fire
a-key/X-button: pause
s-key/Y-button: switch song

New changes include:
* You lose only 4 seconds of time if hit in the first minute of play (first 20s in riot mode). After that, you lose 7.
* Due to this, how much time you've lost shows up on screen. If it doesn't, check that your cart shows [revision.4+] on the bottom left of the title screen. I uploaded a version earlier having forgotten I was going to implement this (showing [revision.4!] on the title screen). This change doesn't affect scoring.
* Updated and new music!
* New attract mode sequence alongside the updated old one.
* Riot mode now saves three high scores (note: as of this writing, the browser version of TIC-80 doesn't preserve pmem).
* Slightly animated enemies!
and a few other little tweaks.
Scores made in this version are not directly comparable to those in older versions.

I originally wrote this game for BotB's Game Jam 3.
Revision 3 was submitted for the competition.



please use pmem for high scores.


scores are saved to pmem on death and loaded from it to hi_scores[] every time init() is called (you can check it yourself, too)

if you're playing from the browser instead of in a native version of TIC-80, pmem doesn't actually appear to be preserved between refreshes, which is a bit of a shame
score saving works just fine on desktop TIC-80


changes in text display with 0.80 have nudged a few things around a bit
at some possibly distant point in the future, I might fix that

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