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BotB Game Jam 3
made by kleeder, Nimo, BotA, alili1996
uploaded by Piatralisch
download cartridge


You're a cat and your goal is to have fun!
That's basically it! Just play around with this little ball of wool~
You just need to push it to the needle at the end of the level.

Oh... and don't forget about the lava, cacti and puzzles o:

- a lot of fun
- a cute cat
- a lot of wool
- five levels that are getting progressively harder
- puzzles
- music box

This game is a collaboration!
- GFX and Idea by BotA
- Music and Concept by kleeder
- Level Design by alili1996
- Code by Nimo and kleeder

- Arrows L/R: Move
- Arrow up: Jump
- Arrow down: Sneak
- D: Throw Wool
- D + Sneak (near Wool): Pull Wool
- R: Reset Room (Keyboard only)
- R (hold): Reset Level (Keyboard only)

Additional Controls are displayed inside the game. We recommend to use your keyboard instead of a controller. Some inputs are only possible via keyboard (Resets, Musicbox-Selecter)!



so, resetting a room doesn't reset the yarn amount, is this intentional?


of course it is. otherwise it'd be way too easy lol

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