A toy Game of Life
made by MetalDudeBro
uploaded by MetalDudeBro
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My personal interpretation of Conways Game of Life. You can play around with some drawing tools, or you can just zoom out, hit Enter to randomize the universal constants, and lean back and watch it all unfold.

(The performance is much better if you play it in your own TIC-80, instead of the website.)

Also available on (

Some of the controls are:

H - view help screens, for more info.
TAB - Hide/show the UI
SPACE - pause/unpause
ENTER - randomize the layout of all the cells
PAGE-UP/DOWN - cycle zoom levels (currently this kills all the cells and resets the game)
G - pass one generation (only works with the game paused)

You can use several drawing tools to revive/kill cells using your mouse.

V/1 - Brush tool. Revives/kills a single cell (using left/right mouse buttons -- can be made bigger/smaller with W and S)
R/C/L - Rectangle/Circle/Line tools.
2-6 - Pattern tool, which gives you some premade patterns you can use.
F - Fill tool
E - Toggle draw/eraser mode.

About the UI: top left is the number of generations that have passed. Top right is number of cells: living/dead/total. Bottom left is zoom level and mouse position.

If you hate the spacing around the cells, press P, or edit the code in TIC-80 and change the 'use_padding' variable to 'false', to disable it permanently. I placed a few useful variables, like that one, near the top of the code.

Have fun!



wow, amazing !!!


Hey thanks! :)

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