A clone of Taito's Space Invaders made using only the built in TIC-80 font and block elements
made by oshaboy
uploaded by oshaboy
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Text Invaders. Back in the day the ROM font was a critical part of graphics. With Systems like the Tandy Color Computer and ZX81 relying on it. Back then it was to save RAM. Now... I guess it is just fun. Either way the TIC-80 has only 1 true screen mode.

Anyway the game is a clone of Taito's Space Invaders using nothing but print() and font() for graphics (font() is limited to Block Elements which are are common feature in 8 bit computers but are absent from the tic. I feel like that is a fair compromise).

The game has been minimally polished so criticism is welcome. Use X(A) and Y(S) to change palettes. Ernpu Yriry Zbq Sbhe.

Update: Added Sound effects and 8 new color palettes, mostly because I was bored, couldn't sleep and social distancing.

Update 2: Why did nobody tell me the UFO AI was bugged?



So good. Loved the original, love this one too.


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