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My first time making a DTMF tone generator!

The S key on your keyboard is mapped to STAR "*", and the P key is mapped to POUND "#".
The other phone buttons have self-explanatory key mappings.
There also exists a set of letters: A, B, C, and D; which are not available on consumer telephones.

I plan on adding an on-screen interface that you can click with the mouse to make the tones, but this program will only allow keyboard input until then.

About DTMF:
DTMF was invented in November 1963, which eventually replaced the previous "rotary dial" system. Instead of sending a number of pulses which corresponds with the number you dialed, the DTMF system uses specific sine-wave frequencies mapped to each row and column on the phone keypad. For example, pressing "1" causes the phone to send out a combination of 697 and 1209 Hz frequencies. The phone company then analyses these frequencies, and knows that you dialed "1". Pressing the keys multiple times creates a phone number, and causes the called party's phone to ring.





how do you make these covers?


I just download an image that's interesting to me from the internet, and convert to a 240x136 GIF. Be sure that the resulting compressed file is less than 65536 bytes. I then use "import cover" in the TIC-80 console and select the image, to use that as the cover art.

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