A puzzle game about saving chickens by barking at them.
made by jf1x
uploaded by jf1x
download cartridge


Boz the Dog's master has forgotten to lock down the chooks! Sunset is fast approaching and the foxes are hungry. Lock down those chooks before sunset by barking them into their coops!

This was an entry to an gamejam with the theme "lockdown".

I wanted to create something light-hearted and fun to give us a distraction from the world outside. I hope you enjoy the game! My best score is 79, but I'm sure there are more optimal solutions to the puzzles. Good luck.

Music by Larner, used with permission.
Particle effects library based on code by Viza, freely available on and used with permission.



Went through it all, amazing puzzle game, reminds me of old browser games which I loved. My final score was 78.

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