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tool for creating vector art
made by rigachupe
uploaded by Rigachupe
download cartridge


Almost fully finished vector graphics editor. This can be used in the future to create vector graphics which takes much less space than normal sprite and can be resized without pixelating effect. Such graphics can be used in games and animations.

To create shape simply select color, shape and right click points. Shapes continuing line and polygon must be closed be double clicking last point.

You can also move points by right clicking mouse at least 5px from a point. The point then changes color to blue and can be moved where mouse cursor is while still holding right button. Release right button to end point movement. When you press shift (move point/move shape icon) once you set the mode to move the whole shape while mouse dragging.

Added gradient and pattern fill, undo, big optimalization of redrawing.

Added save and load functions. Program saves shapes encoded into string to console. To see the log create a BAT file in windows and put in there this text: tic80.exe > out.txt
Everytime you save the shapeData string will be put into the out.txt file. Copy it from there and whenever you want to edit your shapes put them at the first line in code where 'local shapeData' is defined. Save will not work in browser version, use standalone version instead.

Added copy/paste functions. Select shape by right clicking it. Press C or icon for copy. Now you see the paste icon changed color. Whenever you click the shape from buffer will be copied there.

Added more fill patterns. Change in gui toolset.

list of key shortcuts
- shift : toggle move point or move shape
- alt : show/hide points
- ctrl : if hold down axis will be drawn and the mouse will be aligned either by X or Y plane
- enter : center (not yet implemented)
- tab : show/hide gui
- backspace : delete last created shape (kind of undo last step)
- delete : delete selected shape and select last added shape
- page up : bring selected shape to front
- page down : bring selected shape to end
- home : bring selected shape to top
- end : bring selected shape to bottom
- c : copy selected shape into buffer
- p : select paste mode, click on screen to paste copied shape from buffer multiple times
- m : draw small magnifying glass of 3x3 pixel size
- h : lock mouse direction to horizontal only when ctrl is pressed
- v : lock mouse direction to vertical only when ctrl is pressed

- right click and drag : move point or shape
- left click : create points for shape

NOTE : Keys and mouse work correctly only in standalone tic, not in web sorry.

All saved shapes in txt format can now be viewed through code in this cartridge :





For painting game screens or pictures the program is finished. And i am starting to think to create another project that will start to use bones, animations and grouping and will not use fill/gradient functions. These are very cpu costly when redrawing each time. For static images it is ok, but for dynamic animations it will be not much used.


This is fantastic. (-:
I feel like I can make a nostalgic adventure game!


You created the mystery house adventure and i loved playing it to the end. Please by all means continue creating such good games. 👍


Oh! Thank you for playing my game. :-D
Mystery House is still a masterpiece that never fades. I wanted to reproduce it with TIC-80, so I tried my best to make it.
I think your tool will be a good approach for new challenge.




very nice :)


How do you make the copy

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