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plays with normals on dragon kite
made by Popolon
uploaded by Popolon
download cartridge


An Indonesia dragon kite and China dragon puppet mix inspiration , among Chinese (Guangxi, and Zhangjiajie mix) like landscapes.
* up cursor to accelerate
* Down cursor to decelerate
* left cursor for turning left
* right cursor for turning right

If you are too far out of field, simply type ctrl-r to restart. I need to bound things.

This demonstrate how to compute easily and the normal of a moving 2D shape, to add elements on sides (here the borders), in a next demo will mix this with textri demo.

2021.01.21 Update:
* manage sky/ground dragon bouncing
* Clean few no more used things

2021.01.13 Update:
* Add buffaloes to prepare buffalo new year
* Improve fog drawing, use larger sprites for them and populate more the scene
* Improve front color for visibility & contrast
* Generalize some functions
* Add ~enum like for table data format
* Add more parameters definitions

2021.01.12 Update:
* Wrap the dragoon around the screen horizontally to limit it's lost for new users (IMPLEMENT BUMPING SEEMS TO BE A PRIORITY)
* Add whole scene z-sort, place the dragoon at a fixed z position
* Add more fog around distant mountains
* Add living people (runners, farmers, taji quan master)
* Fix a bug on objects appearing in the middle of the screen

2021.01.11 Update:
* use textri for zooming/pixel mountains/clouds, give some artifacts/use more power, but better overall view (‚̧Gestalt)
* Simplify and remove some clumsy tests
* Add color gradient on ground.
* Add a second bird type
* Add a function to randomly attach things to scrolled objects (add lot of possible fun generation).

2021.01.06 Update:
* Compute simplified perspective instead of adding wrong tricks one of each other
* Manage number of objects
* Redesign clouds
* Add first implementation of birds

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