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Tech > TIC-80 IN TIC-80

It was difficult, but i did it
made by hanamileh
uploaded by hanamileh
download cartridge


now you can create your games in tic 80 in tic 80
(the code and sprites are fully editable) to run the code, click the green icon on the top right in the code editor
unfortunately, it is not yet possible to return to the editor from the cartridge opened inside it



Thats amazing!!! You can do return to the editor by tab, for example


Goddamn I can even wrap my fps calculator! Thats so cool!! I had that idea but I lost it due to unabillity to save carts. Actually you can use some kind of archivator to archive code and trace it to code. Than it can be copied somewhere else. Later when you decide to edit your cart put some space in code editor where you could paste your archived code, it unzip and you can continue. Thats only one possible way to save game. And yeah, youll get lots of performance drops even in medium carts. But I guess this editor comes as a joke than a actuall usefull editor :)


the problem of implementing the transition back to the editor is not in choosing a button for this, but in making it possible from the backend

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