Demos > UPSCALED 64X64 (LUA)

Upscaled 64x64 resolution with working background
made by nickifr
uploaded by nickifr
download cartridge


Want to use a 64x64 resolution in TIC-80 but don't want to waste screen space? Then this demo is the solution for you! Ideal for the yearly LOWREZJAM which has a resolution limit of 64x64.

Program your game for 64x64 resolution and simply call the included function at the end of your rendering sequences. The result is an upscaled, centred 64x64 resolution with fully functional background colour!

Feel free to use this in your own projects.

Note: Since this function actively reads and writes through individual ram positions to upscale the game, there is a noticeable performance hit on weaker devices and the web.



Hey! If you blocked square moving old tic-80 sprite can't go through screen. :D

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