remake of and old ZX-spectrum text adventure game (original idea by Fuxoft)
made by Rigachupe
uploaded by Rigachupe
download cartridge


Hello. This is my first big game for Tic-80. It is a remake of an text adventure game for ZX-spectrum that has been created by a Czech programmer Frantisek Fuka (Fuxoft) in year 1985. I just polished the original idea and made better GUI so it would be easier to play this just by mouse.

- mouse for selecting commands and objects from list
- arrows for quick access to north, south, west and east directions

Do not give up easily. There are lots of death traps, places you can get stuck when using items incorrectly and some red herrings. Game can be ended in more than one way! You get score and number of turns at the end when you get to the finish room. Have fun!

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